Natural Wicker Statement Bangle


  • Natural Wicker Cord
  • Silver plated detail; Magnetic clasp
  • Measurements: 5.5cm diameter/21cm length
  • Handmade in London


The Natural Wicker Statement Bangle is a striking fashion staple that will brighten up any smart or casual outfit. Handmade in the IRIS London studio using natural wicker cord, each bracelet features rustic, vintage hues and original flecks of colour with an intricate woven design detail.

Silver plated cube elements and a magnetic silver clasp make for easy snap fastening and brings an unique edge to the design aesthetic.

Match the Natural Wicker Statement Bangle with other contrasting or complementary colours for a look that will stand out from the rest from the beach to the bar and beyond.

For those who love to play with their fashion, the Statement Bangle can be fastened together with our other statement bangles to form a collar necklace.


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