Palm Tree Leather Bracelet


  • Genuine leather
  • Metal stud fastening (silver/gold plated)
  • Leather cord
  • Crystal beads and metal silver/gold plated charms (nickel-free)


Strap on your hula skirt, grab a Pina Colada and run down the beach without a care in the world for the Palm Tree Leather Bracelet is yours to keep. Every aspect of the tropical bracelet is infused with raw energy and positive spirit to create a gorgeous, bright accessory and your perfect partner for a carefree lifestyle.

Choose from five striking strap colours in mint, natural, brown, blue or black with silver or gold components to offset the glorious hues. Genuine leather material guarantees a sophisticated aesthetic while the intricate crystal beadwork and irresistible palm tree charms create a truly unique piece that adds a sparkle to every outfit.

Made from pure untarnished leather for the highest quality look and feel, the bracelet offers a fresh design inspired by the Iris dedication to playful, versatile accessories.

Perfect when worn alone or stacked together with other bracelets from the Iris collections, the Palm Tree Leather Bracelet is available in a variety of colours to suit your personal style.

Please note that the bracelet is not waterproof. It should also be worn after applying any bodycare products such as lotion, perfume or soap for the best protection and durability.


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