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Female Entrepreneur Interview Series: madebywave


As the first instalment in our series of interviews with inspirational female entrepreneurs, we talked to Victoria – the founder of beach and travel accessories label, madebywave.

  1. We’d love to hear a little about you, your brand, your products and the best parts about running an independent brand.

All madebywave designs are created by me and ethically sourced. I work with a small community of artisans in Indonesia, sustaining their traditions and craftsmanship passed on by generations. With my creations, I promote living an authentic life in colour. The brand was launched this year and my debut collection included a range of handcrafted beach bags, clutches and charms as well as a selection of sarongs in five colourways.

Running an independent brand is really rewarding and each part of it gives me so much satisfaction and motivation that I never experienced in my previous corporate job as a financial journalist.

  1. We love that you are an IRIS fan! What do you like the most about the brand, which is your favourite piece and how do you style your accessories?

I love the concept of the brand and Anastasia’s cultural bond to her heritage. I also love how every piece she creates is so stylish, elegant and – very importantly – versatile and multifunctional. I absolutely love my magnet bracelets, I have three and it’s such great fun to play around with styling them.

Check out the main image and the photo below to see how Victoria styles the Iris bangles for a beautiful beach look!



  1. What is your favourite travel destination and which items are always packed in your suitcase?

Over the past few years, my favourite destination has become Indonesia. It is such a stunning and culture-rich country, with incredible nature to offer, not to mention the place where madebywave was born. Every time I go, I visit new places and I feel like it will be neverending ‘love affair’!

Whenever and wherever I travel, I always have my sarongs with me. I use them every single day when on holidays: on a plane, on a beach, going out, you name it. I always pack two or three pairs of Havaianas – I’m a long-time fan. A silk eye-mask is always with me, as I mostly do long-haul flights so I need my eye mask for a good night’s sleep. And my Leica Q camera, too. I am a keen photographer and this recent addition made even more eager for an unforgettable shot. It’s just so addictive.

  1. Who are your style/design icons?

I like Alexa Chung – she always looks effortless with her ‘casual’ styling. Pandora Sykes definitely inspires me to mix more colours and prints, and she is a decent beach bum! For countryside elegance and London feminine chic, I like to follow Alice Naylor-Leyland. If we go back and look at some classics, then it would, of course, be Audrey Hepburn. My favourite haute-couture fashion designer is Christobal Balenciaga.

  1. Can you give us your best fashion/style tips for summer 2017?

Floral dresses and straw bags!

Check out the madebywave collections at and the Instagram page at

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