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Greece and Her Infinite Beauty

By September 2, 2016 Travel No Comments

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll already know that the Iris team is besotted with all things Greek. Our founder hails from Greece and the brand was named after Iris – the goddess of the rainbow who links heaven and earth. This ‘sky is the limit’ theme runs through our brand and we aim to endow every one of our customers with this empowered feeling.

As we are currently on our travels in Crete, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about some of the features of the country that we love so much.

The Colours

Our new collection was inspired by the exquisite colours of Greece and her stark natural beauty. The waters of the lagoons off the beaten track, just like the one in the picture above, are a magical shade of crystal green. Every morning when we wake up, it seems as if the skies are brighter blue than the day before.

The natural landscapes have endured the test of time and give off a mystical aura. Different shades of mint, aquamarine and royal blue that we have seen in nature are evident throughout our collections, particularly with the Make a Statement bangles and our new pieces (watch this space!) These are the oceans that feature in the ancient Greek epic tales. And these are the oceans that continue to take our breath away.

The People

Whether it’s the buzz and drive of the Athenian natives or the unfiltered warmth of rural communities in sleepy island villages, the Greek people are known throughout the world for their friendliness. These are people who are so proud of their homeland and it’s no wonder! It’s the authenticity that is so striking – from the food to the clothing to the villages untouched by modern life, everything about Greece is just so real.

On the islands where there is nothing but the smell of grilled meat, the rustling of the olive groves in the wind and the sound of the ocean to keep you company, it’s like travelling back to a simpler time when the natural world in all its glory was just so satisfying.

The Traditions

As an ancient land with a civilisation that has greatly impacted on modern-day global culture, Greece is rich in tradition. Women on many islands still wear costume-style clothing every day with embellished outfits for special occasions. Their fashion inspired the costume jewellery of the Iris collections.

Embroidered pieces are still worn proudly. It is this exquisite, detailed embellishment whose influence has trickled through into our sandals and accessories.

Gladiator sandals show how the Greek people have inspired fashion classics since the ancient times. The craftsmen who work hard to create every pair of our handmade sandals infuse artisan traditions that date back years. Every pair has a little heart and soul of Greece and her unique, exotic culture woven into the material.

We hope you enjoyed this journey across Greece! Our new collection pieces inspired by our homeland will be available soon! For now, satisfy your Mediterranean wanderlust with our gorgeous statement pieces.

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