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Scoop London

We are midway through the second of three wonderful days spent exhibiting at London’s Scoop Fashion Show. Our feet might be weary but our heads are spinning with anticipation for the final days ahead.

Scoop London brings together quality, innovation and creativity under one very fashionable roof. We’ve been mingling with designers and fashion players from all corners of the globe. The atmosphere is electric and everyone is thrilled to see all the latest creations from such a talented range of designers.

Iris Brand are proud to be exhibiting our new “Back To Origins” collection with every Scoop guest gaining a sneak peek at our latest designs. The pieces are inspired mainly by Greece and the Greek islands.

We’ve shared our moodboard with this post to give you a glimpse into our creative inspiration. Think tropical oceans, natural landscapes, whitewashed rooftops and pure, unbroken vistas. This collection is strong and vibrant with a soft, romantic edge.

This year’s show – Scoop and the City – takes place in Old Billingsgate, a grade 2 Victorian landmark. Formerly the home of Billingsgate’s famous Fish Market, it now plays host to some of the most innovative events in the city. We hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it down to Scoop, all is not lost! You can still shop the sandals and jewellery from our current collections.

And don’t forget to keep checking back on the blog for all the latest updates on when our new pieces will be available for purchase.


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