leather bracelet in sandy shades

Leather Bracelet in Sandy Shades


  • Genuine leather
  • Metal stud fastening
  • Suede cord
  • Crystal beads and metal silver plated charms (nickel-free)

Product Description

Warm and romantic hues meet effortless style with our Leather Bracelet in Sandy Shades. Crystal beadwork is presented in shades of rosy pink, hot orange and delicate brown, reminiscent of beautiful sunsets over soft desert sands.

Delicate silver charms play for space and add a cool breath of fresh air to the sizzling aesthetic. Inspired by the beauty and colours of nature, the bracelet encapsulates the adventure and versatility of the Iris collections.

Put together entirely by hand in the IRIS London studio, this exquisite leather bracelet is beautiful worn alone as a striking costume jewellery piece that will stand out for all the right reasons. It can also be stacked together with other bracelets from the Iris collections in bright colours and contrasting hues or soft, complementary shades.

Please note that the bracelet is not waterproof. It should also be worn after applying any body care products such as lotion, perfume or soap for the best protection and durability.


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