Minty Shades Leather Bracelet

Minty Shades Leather Bracelet


  • Genuine leather
  • Metal stud fastening
  • Suede cord
  • Swarovski Rhinestones
  • Crystal beads and metal gold plated charms (nickel-free)

Product Description

Our Minty Shades Leather Bracelet is something very special. Made from pure untarnished leather for the highest quality look and feel, this bracelet offers timeless style and a striking colour scheme.

Oversized crystals in exquisite mint green command the attention, blending harmoniously with the surrounding crystal beadwork. A scattering of silver charms, Swarovski rhinestones and link detail rest against suede cord for a smooth aesthetic that perfectly balances masculine and feminine vibes.

This embellished leather bracelet features smooth lines and creative design work to enhance an elegant outfit. It’s also the ultimate add on to a shabby chic ensemble. Handmade with love in the IRIS London studio, the Minty Shades Leather Bracelet works beautifully as a standalone piece or stacked together with other bracelets from the Iris collections.

Please note that the bracelet is not waterproof. It should also be worn after applying any body care products such as lotion, perfume or soap for the best protection and durability.


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